Friday, May 30, 2014

Book: Oh So Brave Dragon by David Kirk

Oh So Brave Dragon by David Kirk. Feiwel & Friends, 2014. 40 pages.

David Kirk, author of Miss Spider books is back with another keeper featuring Red Dragon, whom was introduced to readers in Oh So Tiny Bunny. The thing about Red Dragon is that despite its ginormous size, big teeth and claws, and loud ROAR, Red Dragon is really gentle, kind and maybe just a little scared. One day, when showing off just how brave Red Dragon is, it roars a particularly loud ROAR that echoes back through the forest leaving Red Dragon worried about the big, scary monster that must be lurking in the woods. Red Dragon goes checking in with all of the other woodland creatures to see if they know about the monster, sure that together they will be able to scare it away.

Full of bright, colorful illustrations, this book is perfect for reading together as kids are introduced to the concepts of fear and bravery. The strong theme of friendship runs throughout the book as the woodland creatures huddle around Red Dragon in order to protect each other. David Kirk limits the amount of text, making this a great book to use to strengthen reading skills; Kirk's illustrations help explain new vocabulary words and tell of Red Dragon's courage.

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